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The school in Padre Granero, which currently runs from 8am to 1pm, teaching grades pre-K to 8th, is in desparate need of an afternoon session. Since classes resumed after winter break, there are new students coming to register on a daily basis. The Ministry of Education has made it clear that we need to divide the pre-school and elementary from the high school levels (7th and 8th) and also either eliminate or create a separate section for the students who are well over the target age for the grade level. We do not feel as though we can completely turn these students away, as they are still minors, so our only option is to open up an afternoon section.

This change will make a big difference as you can imagine a 3rd grade classroom with students ranging from 8 to 16 years old. It will also provide more space for our younger grades as we have almost 50 pre-schoolers and kindergarteners currently in one classroom.

Lastly, with the school functioning properly in the afternoon with the necessary organization and oversight, we will also be able to use some of the classrooms for extra-curricular activities. We are specifically focusing on computer science and English. It has come to our attention that students living in the developing world have immense opportunity from their home countries via remote work if they can learn to code and become proficient in English.

We have partned with a new organization in the area called Tinker Play which teaches STEAM education through robots and basic computer science education. We hope to be able to form a club in the afternoon. We also hope to expand our English club to several days a week, which is an extension of our six week English club in the summers.

This fundraiser is to be able to launch this change in February and run it through June 2020. However, ideally we would recruit monthly sponsors to allow us to maintain the program in the following school years.

Lastly, all profits from purchases of our Create Change t-shirts will go toward this fundraiser. Purchase yours here:

Thank you for your support! Please send any questions or ideas to