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Cacao is a successful industry in the Dominican Republic. Here in Puerto Plata, there is a large company in town that buys cacao seeds from farmers, dries them, and exports them for chocolate production in other parts of the world. We have identified a plot of land in the community of Muñoz, accessible to our beneficiaries all over Puerto Plata. This is the most inexpensive land close to town. Each tree needs 3 square meters. The cost of one tree, including the land, the seedling, and some extra to go toward a wall around the land and some community space is $60. This means that you can provide a family with a tree for $60. In approximately 5 years, the tree will produce enough seeds to earn around $70 per year.

We hope to turn this land, not only into a community garden that provides for the family, but a sustainable center that is an educational example for the community, including human compost toilets and recycling receptacles as well.

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